Preparation of strategies, proposals, project management

- Ex-post evaluation of the first 3 years' activity of the Cooperative Research Centres in Hungary, 2005
- Establishment of the Regional Innovation Agency, 2005
- North Great Plain Regional Innovation State-of-the-Art and GAP Analysis, 2006
- Miskolc Competitiveness Pole Programme, project generation, partnership building, 2006
- North Great Plain Regional Innovation Strategy and Operative Programme, 2007
- Innovation and cooperative applied research projects in several fields and size
- Regional Operative (ROP) and Economic Development Operative Programme large-scale infrastructure development projects, project and financial management and monitoring, 2009
- Innocsekk Plus RDI small-scale projects, 2009
- ROP clustering and cluster development projects, 2010

FDI support services, preparation and management of international large-scale projects

- North-Hungary and Kosice Bilateral Innovation Strategy project generation and management, 2005 (FP5)
- Coordination of RDI programming documents and activities in the NAC area, project generation and management, 2006 (FP6)
- Knowledge transfer between clusters in the renewable energy field, project management, 2009 (FP7)
- Environment Industry Cluster partnership building and cluster development activities (ENIN), 2006
- EGME Cluster
partnership building and cluster development activities, 2010
- INTERREG SEE, IVC, CENTRAL Strategic call preparation of project proposals, project management activities
- European Commission, FP7, expert evaluator activities
- Successful FDI generation and support activities and reference projects in the North Hungarian region

Programming, networking, training

- Regional and micro-regional level networking activities and partnership building, competence development and communication training for integrated projects, 2006
- Applied Innovation Management methodology and guidebook development in a consortium, 2006
- Regional demand side questionnaire survey in the North Hungarian region, 2007
- University level knowledge transfer project, newsletter preparation and partnership building activities, 2009
- Course material preparation and trainings for specific needs

Internal audit

Our partners:

- North Great Plain Regional Development Council, Debrecen
- North Great Plain Regional Development Agency, Debrecen
-  Hungarian Railway Group (VPE Kft.), Budapest
- Upper Tisza Riverside Environment and Water Protection Directorate, Nyíregyháza
- Tiszántúli Environment and Water Protection Directorate, Debrecen
- Körös-Vidéki Environment and Water Protection Directorate, Gyula
- Agroker Holding zRT, Nyíregyháza
- Közép-Nyírségi Local Communities Association, Baktalorántháza


Hungary receives cca. 68 billion HUF credit limit from EIB

Two contract were signed yesterday between Hungary and the European Investment Bank for the coverage of the own financial resource of state projects of high priority.

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Február 2024